I'm Tobias; A Software Architect And Developer At Heart

As part of the Nao-Team HTWK I design software architectures and develop tools for robots to teach them how to walk and play soccer. We travelled the world with our robots and had quite some adventures in Singapore, Istanbul, Mexico City and the states.

One of my current projects is to use CUDA on massiv parallel GPUs to solve problems from the termination competion with evolutionary algorithms. I'm also part of LinGrok which uses the open source software opengrok to provide an alternative for the Linux Cross Reference for the Linux Kernel and select software packages. More of my projects can be found in my GitHub account.

In my job I optimize software stacks and hardware resources to provide customers with highly scaleable and high-availability systems.

As someone in the software industry life long learning is part of the job and not a burden. It's fun, especially when there exists platforms like Coursera or Udacity which provide you with a headstart in different topics. One of my research topics is machine learning and how it can be applied to existing customer problems.

The layout for this page is on GitHub and is forked from The Personal Page and inspired by Tim Lum's implementation.